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Dinner Specialties

All entrées include:

Your choice of Salad, Vegetable, and Side

Basked of Fresh Bread with Butter

Lasagne – $18.00

Italian meat lasagne or vegetable Alfredo.  Choose your favorite style or have both for the same price!  Served with Italian style green beans, choice of salad and garlic bread.

Pork Loin – $18.00

The best center cut Roasted Pork Loin ever!  Sliced and served with our signature Roasted-Garlic Marmalade Sauce.

Chicken Caprese or Marsala – $18.00

Marinated and expertly prepared, our grilled chicken breast is always tender and juicy.  Served with herbed cream sauce topped with mozzarella and fresh tomatoes or mushrooms and Marsala wine sauce.

Chicken Breast with Lasagne – $22.00

A Popular combination!

Roast Sirloin of Beef – $20.00

For your pleasure, a flavorful Tri Tip Sirloin prepared by our steakhouse chef, served with Horseradish and Burgundy Au Jus.

Thai Salmon – $22.00

The clean flavors of ginger, chilis and coconut compliment this amazing Salmon, served with Jasmine Rice Pilaf and Sesame Vegetables.

Chicken and Brisket or Sirloin – $25.00

Our famous Brisket or juicy Grilled Tri Tip Sirloin paired with your choice of our delicious Chicken selections, plus our amazing sides.

Chicken and Petite Loin of Beef – $30.00

Sliced Petite Loin of Beef and your choice of Chicken Breast make this our most popular combination.

Classic Pasta Putanesca – $18.00

An Old World traditional favorite; long, thin, spaghetti tossed with olive oil, artichoke hearts, olives, roasted peppers, capers and herbs, served with our Chicken Caprese and perfectly paired with Caesar Salad, garlic bread, and vegetable.

Roasted Chicken – $17.00

Whole chicken in all its glorious parts, marinated and roasted to perfection; a true house specialty!

Braised Brisket of Beef – $20.00

Our superstar beef brisket braised to perfection with mashed potatoes – the best you’ve ever had!

Broiled Whitefish – $20.00

Buttery and flaky, succulent fresh fish broiled to perfection and finished with a light creamy roasted pepper sauce.  Perfet with Pasta Putanesca or wild rice pilaf.

Our Chef is experienced with most dietary allergies and restrictions, including wheat allergies.